Three unexpected product made from hemp

By browsing the internet I discovered that hemp was used in order to build many kinds of items/products. Here is the most unexpected I found.

Bamboo bicycle

The company erba makes bikes from a combination of bamboo and hemp. The bike frame is made with lightweight really strong bamboo with joints held together by resilient hemp fiber.

Habitat hemp skateboard decks

Some brand started to make some skateboards that swap out traditional Canadian maple with hemp decks. It works in the USA because some kids feel concerned about the state of American forest.

Martin-Korp house

Finally the more impressive one is the hemp house. Of course it is not made entirely from hemp but most of it is made with hempcrete which is a bio composite composed of the innr woody cores of the plant mixed with water et chemical stuff. It is described as the perfect bio-based building material: it is resistant to fire, earthquake and it is non-toxic.



Three unexpected product made from hemp

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