Fun facts about hemp (2/2)

  1. The first crop grown in many states of the USA was hemp. 1850 was a peak year for the state of Kentucky which produced 40 000 tons. Hemp was the largest cash crop until the 20th century.
  2. The oldest known records of hemp farming go back 5000 years in China. Most people think however that hemp industrialization is related to ancient Egypt.
  3. A lot of painters like Rembrandt’s or Van Gogh as well as most early canvas paintings used to paint of hemp linen.
  4. In 1916, the US Government predicted that by the 40’s all paper would come from hemp and that cutting tree would be pointless.
  5. 58 000 tons of hemp seeds were used in America for paint products in 1935.
  6. Henry Ford’s Model-T car was built to run on hemp gasoline and it was built from hemp. The hemp plastic panels used are 10 times stronger than steel.
  7. In 1938, hemp was called “Billion Dollar Crop”. It was the first time in history that a cash crop had a business potential to exceed a bilion dollars.

This post will be the last. Hope you enjoyed reading.

Fun facts about hemp (2/2)

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