Amsterdam permissive legislation towards cannabis (2)

In Amsterdam, within the tolerance policy it is still not legal to sell soft drugs but the goverment accepts the sell of soft drugs from coffee shops if those ones respects the following rules:

  • Maximum sale of 5 grams per person
  • Stock must not exceed 500 grams
  • Forbidden to sell to young people
  • Forbidden to sell hard drugs
  • Forbidden to advertise for soft drugs
  • Coffee shops can’t be built near schools


Regarding cannabis consumption, users are allowed to carry a maximum of 5 grams (tourists too). They can either buy it in coffee shops but they are also allowed to grow their own hemp trees. Every citizen of the Netherland is allowed to have a maximum of 5 hemp trees but only in order to collect cannabis for a personnal use.

Despite all of this is tolerated, it is not really approved by the law. That means that if you get caught with 5 grams or less of cannabis with you by police forces, they can still ask you to throw it for instance, but you will never have trouble with the law by carrying less than 5 grams.

Since 2010, Netherlands government is trying to make the cannabis consumption illegal despite other countries such as the USA are trying to set a permissive leglisation based on the Netherlands’ model up.

Amsterdam permissive legislation towards cannabis (2)

Amsterdam permissive legislation towards cannabis

Since I had many comments asking about how things were going in Amsterdam towards the cannabis I will write several posts explaining what is the current legislation and comparing statistics between France and Netherland towards marijuana consumption.

A little bit of history

The permissive legislation currently ongoing in Amsterdam has been adopted in 1976 just after a new law distinguished soft and hard drugs and the report called « Touwtrekken om hennep »  released in 1972 that ensured that use of marijuana is similar as tobacco or alcohol.



At this time, the government aims to quickly legalize cannabis in order to serve public health and free police forces to fight against heroin problems ( which were a big deal ). The legalization would have been too long and difficult, therefore, the government decriminalize it. The Netherlands are the first country to do so.

Next time we will talk about what is allowed and forbidden in Amsterdam.


Amsterdam permissive legislation towards cannabis