Hemp versus cotton for clothes

As you probably know, the cotton is the most used textile fibre for clothes making. The hemp can also be used for that purpose, let’s check out the pros and cons of each of those textile fibres.
Water consumption

The cultivation of cotton requires about 10,600 liters of water per kilo whereas hemp only requires half of this amount for one kilo. Moreover for in a same plot of land hemp produces 2.5 times more fiber. Basically, less water and space allows you to get a lot more textile fibers with hemp.


The cultivation of cotton stands for 25% of the world pesticide use where hemp does not need any pesticide or chemical product to grow. It is a prolific plant.

Durability and comfort

Hemp is slightly less soft than cotton, however it is much durable and does not get used by being washed.


Cotton is white, therefore it must be colored naturally or with chemical products. Hemp may be naturally black, white, green or brown.


The hemp has a lot of pros compared to the cotton. The most important of theses advantages is that hemp cultivation for clothes is not at all harmful to the environment. Some may say that organic cotton has advantages too but in any case it will be a lot more expensive to cultivate than hemp.

Finally, here is the link to a website that sells clothes made with hemp.

Go buy some environment-respectful clothes

Hemp versus cotton for clothes

Why hemp is worth talking about ?

Wikipedia defines Hemp as the commonly used term for growing varieties of the cannabis plant. Many people know what cannabis is, but only a few know what Hemp is and how it could be used to solve most of the ecologic issues that mankind faces. This is the main reason why I have decided to start this blog. People should be aware that there is solutions to ecological problems that threaten earth on the long term.

Due to its close relation to marijuana, the growth of hemp as been limited in many countries such as the U.S.A. However, there would be a lot of advantages to expand the hemp cultivation. Indeed hemp has many uses that I will describe in incoming posts.

The short movie below is about the hemp and its many uses. It also talk about the relation between the US government and hemp. This seems like a good start to begin to understand why hemp is worth talking about.

Why hemp is worth talking about ?